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Quitter lyrics


    >> All lyrics and chords of "Eminem"
    >> Eminem
    Yo.. I dedicate to this.. to yo..
    {*imitating Slick Rick*}
    To all my fans, keepin y'all in health
    Let's tell this Whitey Ford to go fuck himself
    Cause it's cruel when you cause a bad heart conditionin
    which I create, cause that's my mission
    So listen close, to what we say
    because this type of fag claims to never be gay, I..
    {*rapping normally*}
    .. knew you was jealous from the day that I met you
    I upset you, cause I get respect I pet you (boy)
    I'm even liked better by your niece and nephew (c'mon!)
    And now you hate Fred because Lethal left you
    Peckerwood mad cause his record went wood
    No respect in the hood, fled to his neck of the woods
    Got in touch with his roots, found the redneck in his
    and said, "Heck, country western rap records are good!!"
    So he picks the guitar up and he strums a few notes
    He can't rap, or sing, but he wants to do both (haha)
    Puts an album out and rules for part of the year
    then Kid Rock and Limp Bizkit come
    out of nowhere
    It's the start of an era, rock rap's harder this year
    No one's tryin to hear some fuckin old fart in a chair
    sittin on stage, strummin acoustic guitar in your ear
    So you start to get scared, sit back and spark an
    Figure you can diss me to jump start your career
    I punch you in your fuckin chest 'til your heart kicks in gear (bitch)
    And fuck your underground buddy's nameless crew
    Like I'ma say they
    so they can be famous too
    [Chorus 2X: Eminem *sung*]
    You just a.. quitter, and you bitter cause I came along
    and the days of House of Pain are gone
    And if you talk about my little girl in a song again
    I'ma kill you (I'ma kill you)
    Yo.. heart attack to stroke
    the crack you smoke
    to the rap you wrote, your fuckin answer back's a joke
    And I'ma tell these motherfuckin fans the truth
    The reason why you dissed me first and I answered you
    You said I passed you in a lobby and I glanced at you
    like I ain't notice you? BITCH, I had a show to do!
    Like I'm supposed to be star-struck, come over to you
    You better shut your fuckin mouth while you oh-for-two
    Back in ninety-four Limp opened the show for you
    Rocked the crowd better and stole the whole show from you
    Took your motherfuckin DJ and stole him too
    So you fall in a slump and get all emotional
    So now you sing and mix slang with blues and pluck strings
    Confused as fuck cause now your
    sucks dick
    Mr. Mr. Ass Kisser to get accepted in rap
    quicker but never last, and Everlast is a..
    Aight listen (look)
    So this is what we ask of our fans
    If you ever see Everlast, WHOOP HIS ASS
    Hit him with sticks, bricks, rocks, throw shit at him
    Kick him, spit on him, treat him like a hoe, bitch-slap him
    Do it for me, do it for Fred, do it for Limp
    Do it for Rock, do it for rap, do it for Kid
    Do it for Ice-T, do it just to do it, fuck it
    He's a bitch, he ain't gon' hit you back, he's nothin!
    Shit in five years we'll all be "Eating at Whitey's"
    And he'll be bussin tables in that bitch, cleanin the toilets
    Aiyyo.. fuck this, cut this shit off
    {*music stops*}
    Aiyyo Head, that's why I fucked your mother you fat motherfucker!
    {*beat changes to 2Pac's "Hit 'Em Up"*}
    Kill Whitey! - Hahaha
    Kill Whitey! - Detroit! What? What?
    Kill Whitey! - .. yo, yo
    Kill Whitey! - Haha! Look
    First off, fuck your songs and the shit you say
    Diss my wife, but at least I got a bitch, you gay
    You claim to be a Muslim but you Irish White
    So fuck you fat boy, drop the mic, let's fight
    Plus I punch you in the chest, weak hearts I rip
    Whitey Ford, forty and white, lethargic ass dickhead
    I keep 'em comin while you runnin out of breath
    Steady duckin while I'm punchin at your chest, you need to rest
    Dilated, go ask your people how I leave ya
    with your three CD's, nobody sees, when they released
    Evidence, don't fuck around with
    who ain't ready for no underground beef, so fuck geeks
    I let you faggots know it's on for life
    but Everlast might die tonight, haha
    Fat boy murdered on wax and killed
    Fuck with me and take a heart pill, you know!
    [Chorus: Eminem]
    Grab 380's when you see Slim Shady
    Call the doctor to heal your heart
    They shocked you back to life at the clinic
    but you 'bout to get relapsed any minute
    Honkey, I hit 'em up!
    Hahaha, yo
    this out
    You faggots ain't even on my level
    I'ma let D-12 ride on you bitch-made ass faggots!
    [Kon Artis]
    Yo! Get out the way yo, get out the way yo
    Whitey Ford's heart just stopped
    Eminem shocked him back, he had another heart attack
    Whitey Ford's gettin his ass floored for talkin back
    Little faggot Hamburgular, I show you where the burgers are
    At your own restaraunt, while I'm servin ya
    Drop and stomp your whole heart 'til it stops
    Call the cops, I'ma beat your ass while they watch
    Ha ha, now we got the whole industry makin fun of you Erik
    Where's your House of Pain now? There's only one of you Erik
    You a petty coward, you ain't ready to steady go a round
    with some killers from 7 Mile to the motherfuckin Belle Isle Bridge
    Got in his ass and now this faggot wanna mention me still
    this ain't no freestyle battle Everlast gettin killed
    with his chest open
    Tryin to throw a fuckin punch, but you just chokin
    Havin a stroke and now you learn why crackers never earned a dime
    cause you SUCK motherfucker you should learn to rhyme
    Talkin 'bout you packin pistols but it's funny to me
    You ain't never been in trouble, you just wanna be me
    I'm a paleface killer whale
    on his way to fuckin prison, pistol whippin tail, ha
    Erik remember when I passed you in the lobby that day?
    That shit was obvious you probably was gay, ha
    Now it's all about country, you gave up hip-hop
    Forty-nine thousand copies, the week your shit drop
    while my
    makin records break
    Two and a half million scanned by the second week
    Motherfucker I hit 'em up!
    I'm from Detroit's Pemberton Ave., where bullets tear you in half
    Fuck the music, we got an uzi for all you fags
    Get the shit out of our stereo, Dilated you violated
    Now you 'bout to get annihilated, we gon' bury you
    Iriscience get choked up and yoked up
    All you underground bitches get your throats cut
    What the fuck?! Is you stupid?
    I choke Whitey Ford with his fuckin guitar cord
    him in cardboard, chopped up in a box
    with sixteen parts, I stomped on his heart
    D-12, Amityville, fuck your mother while you watch
    Keep your restaraunt locked and block your door
    Cause we "Hit 'Em Up" like motherfuckin Tupac Shakur
    You a, "Black Jesus," heart attack seizures
    Too many cheeseburgers McDonald's Big Mac greases
    White devil, washed up honkey
    Mixed up cracker who crossed over to country
    Yo, aiyyo cut this shit off
    {*needle drags, beat stops*}
    Fuck him, that's it, I'm done, I promise, I'm done, that's it
    I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I promise
    I just believe in kickin a man while he's down
    God damn! I quit
    Mention my daughter's name in a song again you fuckin punk
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